Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Segolia: Daughter of Prophecy

Our beautiful daughter has spent the last 4 years writing and rewriting a book.  And it has just been published!!!  It's AWESOME!  I've really enjoyed reading it - I am amazed at the talent of this beautiful young woman!
It is a story appropriate for pre-teens - adults.  A story of dragons, elves, war and love.  I love how the characters come to life.

Anyway - check it out.  You can purchase from Tate publishing - go to books - and type in Segolia or Brittany Oldroyd.  It is also available for a kindle.  You can also get it on Amazon for your kindle - but the launch date isn't until July 2, 2013 so if you get it from Kindle you have to wait.  It is now available from Tate right now.

Thanks for your support!


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