Saturday, September 18, 2010


Kara wanted a jeep for Christmas two years ago.  Me - being the awesome mom that I am talked her out of it.  But all year she would NOT let me forget it!  She would tell me "Mom next year I am getting a jeep for sure."  I will just ask Santa.  Anyway - true to her word - she asked santa for a jeep.  Well santa had one heck of a time finding one - but after some serious looking - we found a blue jeep.  Not really girly - but - with my vinyl cutter I was able to put her name on the side and make it "awesome!"  Guess who took it over.????  The boys are always in the "beach"  - Poor Kara harldy gets to ride in it.  But she is a trooper.  She is always good about helping her little brothers.  I am always amazed at the kindness my kids show each other.  I think it is one of the coolest things about having a big family.  You LEARN TO SHARE!!!  People are always telling me how kind and considerate my kids are - kind of makes me smile thinking - it's the only way they can survive.  It's not me and my super great parenting skills LOL - it is survival.  Makes me smile. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Wave's Birthday!

WOW baby!  Getting old!  (I know, I know... I am actually 6 months and 3 days older!  But whose counting???)  We had a great day!  The kids LOVE giving him presents.  Although Luke, thinks everything is his.  He gets so mad - even if I say something about my Brittany (or any of the other kids)  He yells MY Brittany!!!  Think he has a problem with entitlement (along with A LOT of America)???  
Anyway,  we had a nice day!  Dave is always a lot of fun!  And what a CUTE guy he is!  OK so he hates being called cute - but dang he is!!!!   Every Sunday he sits up on the stand and I get to sit and look at him and realize what a wonderful man he is!  I love that boy!
Since we have birthdays in August, 2 in September, October, November, December, February, March, and May!  This is the begining of the chaos.  But what fun it is.  One year I tried to combine all of my shopping.  I just had 2 things for each person (one for birthday and one for Christmas) but ya know - when you times that by 9 it adds up to be A LOT!!!  Anyway I had about 8 people tell me they wished they were my kid - I guess they thought just one or two people were getting all of the loot!  LOL 

I tried - and failed to upload pictures.  Maybe later.


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