Thursday, October 2, 2008


We have had sooo much going on lately! We moved!!! YEAH!!! We have a new house that we love! It is a lot bigger (with 9 people we need bigger) and it has 2.5 acres! We are so blessed. All of my stuff is still in boxes or I would post pictures... I will soon!
We have been talking about how much has gone on this year!!! TONS
January- Todd received the Priesthood.
February-JD had his 1st birthday!
March-Went to Guatemala to bring JD home.
April- Had JD sealed to us in the Manti Temple, Dave was put in Bishopbric.
May- Luke came home from Guatemala and had his 1st birthday.
June- Kids out for summer.
July- Brit went to EFY and Todd and Dave to Scout camp.
August- Luke sealed to us in Manti Temple.
September- Faith baptized, we moved, Becky had fender bender.
October- Todd broke 1st board with hand at Kung Fu.
What's to come? Who knows but it sure is a crazy world.


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I am a stay at home mom with 7 kids. I love being a mom. I love being a wife to the WORLDS greatest husband ever!!!!!! Life is busy and full of surprises but it is good.