Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jess is 13!!!

Jess is such a special girl!  She is always the first one to help with  anything!  She is very considerate of all of those around her.  She is so much fun to be with!  And so much help!  We love you Jess


My dudes crack me UP!!!!!  We had to go out of sacrament meeting for a little while.  When returning I told them to be reverent and fold their arms.  They led the way back to the front of the chapel.  I looked up to the stand and saw Dave and the Bishop chuckling.  I wasn't sure why until they walked past our bench.  I sat down and called them and they turned around - apparently they walked up with arms folded and eyes closed.  HAHA 

Utah in the Summer of 2010

I love this pictue.  I think it is one of my all time favorites!  Dad and Faith looking at the Temple!  I love seeing my Dad with his arm around her telling her stories.  I am so grateful for my parents and all that they do for all of us!  I know without question I can count on them for anything!  I love they way they have embraced my husband and all of my siblings spouses as part of the family!  They love them every bit as much as the love us!  I have thought a lot about that lately - as my kids get older and I think of them getting married someday!  I hope I can be like them!  I am so grateful to have parents that taught me what is right and taught me how to make good decisions!  Love you Mom and Dad!

Art for Animals

Faith had artwork selected for the local Animal Shelter fundraiser.  We are proud of this girl!  She and all of my kids are amazing artists.  Thanks Grandma R. for passing on this talent.  (although I don't like the fact that it skipped a generation!  Just kidding - I love art too!  Just not as good at it!)  This picture is taken at the awards dinner.  Very fun!  Always nice to have some individual time with the kidos!

Monday, November 22, 2010

8 is great!

We had so much fun at the birthday party!  We had a "fashion" theme.  The girls made masks and then walked "runway"   Really so much fun!

Of coarse the highlight of turning 8 was the baptism.  I am so grateful that she is such a special girl.  Kara we are so very proud of you and love you!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Camping last summer!

We decided to go camping last summer which was really fun and actually good timing.  They evacuated our area while we were gone - due to the flooding - due to the fires.  And un-evacuated our area before we came home!  We had the best time!!!!  It rained like crazy the whole time - but really some awesome memories!!!  We fished, played games, played minute to win it, sang songs, went for hikes.  It really was the perfect camping trip! 


More pictures of our volleyball player!

Wow she can't be 17!!!!!

This year Brit wanted to go on a spectacular hike for her birthday!  She did all of the planning and she and Dave camped in the back of his truck and hiked up Angels landing on her birthday!  She loved it!  She absolutely loves hiking with her dad.  They had done quite a few big hikes!  Looks like fun!

Happy Birthday Big Wave!!!

Ok so a few months have past - but I wanted to write a post about my wonderful husband!  He is my hero!  He really is the most amazing man, husband, father!!!!  I love you Davy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Grand Canyon

Just so everybody knows we are just over an hour away from the beautiful Grand Canyon.  We would love to have you come and stay with us whenever you would like to come see one of the "7 wonders" of the world.                                                                       


We have had so much fun cheering on Jess and her team.  It really has been great!  She eats, sleeps, and drinks volleyball.  We really can't even talk to her with out the ball in her hand.  It has been really fun though! 

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Kara wanted a jeep for Christmas two years ago.  Me - being the awesome mom that I am talked her out of it.  But all year she would NOT let me forget it!  She would tell me "Mom next year I am getting a jeep for sure."  I will just ask Santa.  Anyway - true to her word - she asked santa for a jeep.  Well santa had one heck of a time finding one - but after some serious looking - we found a blue jeep.  Not really girly - but - with my vinyl cutter I was able to put her name on the side and make it "awesome!"  Guess who took it over.????  The boys are always in the "beach"  - Poor Kara harldy gets to ride in it.  But she is a trooper.  She is always good about helping her little brothers.  I am always amazed at the kindness my kids show each other.  I think it is one of the coolest things about having a big family.  You LEARN TO SHARE!!!  People are always telling me how kind and considerate my kids are - kind of makes me smile thinking - it's the only way they can survive.  It's not me and my super great parenting skills LOL - it is survival.  Makes me smile. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Big Wave's Birthday!

WOW baby!  Getting old!  (I know, I know... I am actually 6 months and 3 days older!  But whose counting???)  We had a great day!  The kids LOVE giving him presents.  Although Luke, thinks everything is his.  He gets so mad - even if I say something about my Brittany (or any of the other kids)  He yells MY Brittany!!!  Think he has a problem with entitlement (along with A LOT of America)???  
Anyway,  we had a nice day!  Dave is always a lot of fun!  And what a CUTE guy he is!  OK so he hates being called cute - but dang he is!!!!   Every Sunday he sits up on the stand and I get to sit and look at him and realize what a wonderful man he is!  I love that boy!
Since we have birthdays in August, 2 in September, October, November, December, February, March, and May!  This is the begining of the chaos.  But what fun it is.  One year I tried to combine all of my shopping.  I just had 2 things for each person (one for birthday and one for Christmas) but ya know - when you times that by 9 it adds up to be A LOT!!!  Anyway I had about 8 people tell me they wished they were my kid - I guess they thought just one or two people were getting all of the loot!  LOL 

I tried - and failed to upload pictures.  Maybe later.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Shultz fire 2010

All pictures are taken from my home.  Kinda close for comfort!  Thanks everyone for your concern and offers to help!  We love you!!!!   More pictures to come.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Easter 2010

 Todd "hunting" for eggs with his metal detector. Ok so I am a bit slow with posting Easter.  Hey - I am busy!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Leaf Loft Flower Shoppe

We bought the Leaf Loft Flower Shoppe!   It has been great!  I have an area there for my boys - and the rest of the kids have been amazing helpers after school.  And can I tell you how much I have enjoyed working with my new friend Pennie (prior owner) - she is teaching me so much.  And of course working with the flowers!  I still have so much to learn - but it has been such a great experience.  I'm not officially open until Monday - but I had someone walk in today and I had my first sale!  Anyway if you are from the Flagstaff area and want to stop by and see me I would love it!  

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Need I Say More?    More pictures to come.  You know me - it only takes about 4 months to get the pictures up!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Kara's new DO!

We cut off about 6 inches!  LOVE it!!!

Friday, January 22, 2010

more snow pictures

SNOWbig wave just trying to keep upneighbors house


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