Sunday, May 31, 2009

Girls night

We had a girls night with our older girls. Face masks - nails - chick flicks - CHOCOLATE!!!

Brittany's Graduation

Brit graduated from Middle School on Friday! Wow I can't believe she will be in High School!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Ok, so for Valentines Day my hubby gave me this Awesome camera - I have been trying to learn how to use it ever since! Most of you - and you know who you are - are awesome photographers! SO ADVICE please! I have 0 time to learn - yet would love to! Anyway my sis took these pictures of me - during one of my attempts to become friends with my camera! (BTW how did I get so old - where did the wrinkles come from?)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Memorial Weekend Camping

We have been promising the kidos a campout forever. We decided NO MATTER WHAT we are taking them camping. So we loaded up our (1970's pop up tent) and headed out to Lake Mary to camp for the weekend. Ok so it rained the entire first day! (over an inch) We looked like the biggest red-necks ever! Our before mentioned pop up tent trailer (we duct taped som fake tail lights on the trailer! I will take a picture for a future post! LOL We took two other tents, a HUGE white van, 7 kids and a crazy mom and dad. We had a blast! We did puzzles, played games, got wet! (and cold the high was about 45!)

Old - Mc Oldroyd had a farm e-i-e-i-o

Look at this tomato plant! You should see my garden - awesome.
Luke and JD helping with the coop.

Front of the coop.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Luke's birthday!

the wagon that started the war

ok, life jackets are a lame birthday gift - but we want to go canoeing this weekend.

Birthday cake

Wow my Lukie is 2! He has now been home for a year! yeah! The year before was kinda tough! He is such a cutie. He has some serious personality! HAHA he is like a real cartoon! He keeps us laughing. We have to celebrate JD again too. They are only 3 months apart and don't get the whole it's not my birthday thing. We just bought 1 wagon! HUGE mistake. We had a war all day. I think we will be getting another wagon.


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